How to Get Energy Savings Using a Reflective Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing System on Your Roof
Written by Adib Alami on Dec. 12th 2019
Let’s talk about what ages a roof. On its own, the materials that make up commercial roofing systems are extremely durable. Without outside forces, the components of a commercial roof are meant to last decades. So, what are the reasons roofs degrade?
Which Is Better: Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing or a Single-Ply Seam-Welded Roof
Written by Adib Alami Dec. 7th 2019
There are more roof systems on the market than you may be aware of. When many people think of a new roof for a commercial building, they picture a built-up roof (BUR) system and smelly bubbling tar pots...
What Is Elastic Cement and When Should You Use It

Written by Adib Alami 12/9/2019
Elastic cement is an elastomeric compound that can be used as a seal at the intersection of the different elements of your roof system and it will keep the water out. 
It is designed to be especially flexible so it will absorb the movement of your building, and it is also used as patching for repairs. It’s a heavy-bodied compound and can be applied by brush or trowel. It’s formulated to be tough, long-lasting, and flexible...