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Written by Adib Alami Dec. 7th 2019 
    Let’s talk about what ages a roof. On its own, the materials that make up commercial roofing systems are extremely durable. Without outside forces, the components of a commercial roof are meant to last decades. So, what are the reasons roofs degrade?

-  Water. This is the big one. Whether precipitation, leaks from rooftop equipment or ponded water that doesn’t drain, water is incredibly destructive. If it can find opportunities to enter your building through cracks in the roof, it can lead to structural damage, poor indoor air quality and mold growth.

- Traffic. Most people tend to think of roofs as out of sight, out of mind, but if your roof has regular foot traffic, whether from maintenance staff or more elaborate purposes like a helicopter pad, then you have to be aware of the impact those feet will have on your roof’s surface.

- Improper installation. A roof is a big investment, so choosing a contractor who knows their business and who will help you select a roof system that is compatible with what you already have and install it properly is critical to avoiding issues
like premature failure.

- Extreme temperatures. As the temperature rises and falls, your roof will expand or contract and can undergo with extreme fluctuations thermal shock. With most roofing systems the flashings, elastic cement and roof membranes are made of different materials, they expand and contract at different rates, which can lead to cracks.

- Hail. Although infrequent in most parts of the country, a good hail storm can do more serious damage to a roof than an entire winter’s worth of ice and snow. Hail impacts can crack and perforate several layers of a roofing system.

- Sun. Heat and UV rays will age your roof by contributing to that thermal expansion on hot days, as well as the overall degradation of the materials.

Protect Your Roof and Improve Your Energy Efficiency
Maintaining your roof is all about cost-benefit analysis. Replacing your roof system is costly and potentially disruptive, so you want to keep it in good repair to ensure it lasts as long as possible. But even with a proactive maintenance program, your roof could be costing you money unnecessarily.

Traditionally, most roof systems are finished in dark colors like black and dark gray. This is because of the materials they use, like tar, asphalt and gravel. If you’ve ever stood on a dark driveway on a hot day, you know how much heat dark building materials can absorb — and even hold onto once the sun is down.

If your dark-colored roof is absorbing heat and UV rays, it’s not only aging, it’s increasing the load on your building’s cooling system. That heat has to go somewhere, and occupied spaces fit the bill nicely. So your aging dark roof could be costing you money in energy usage and air conditioning without you even being aware of it.

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